Convert dataless SEED to SeisComP inventory XML.


dlsv2inv converts dataless SEED to SeisComP XML (SCML). Due to the limitations of dataless SEED dlsv2inv allows to set attributes which are not available in dataless such as network type, network description and so on.

It takes basically two important parameters:

  1. input file

  2. output file

whereas the output file defaults to stdout if not given.

The SeisComP inventory network and station objects have the attribute archive which should contain the local datacenter where the information comes from.

While importing the attribute datacenterID is read and written into the archive attribute of all networks and stations available in the dataless. The datacenterID can be overridden with the --dcid command-line option.


Conversion of inventory in SeisComP XML to dataless SEED is provided by inv2dlsv.


  1. Convert a given dataless SEED file to SeisComP XML.

    dlsv2inv GE.dataless GE.xml
  2. Override the datacenterID and leave it blank in the output.

    dlsv2inv --dcid "" GE.dataless GE.xml

Module Configuration


dlsv2inv inherits global options.

Command-Line Options

dlsv2inv [OPTIONS] input [output=stdout]


-h, --help

Show help message.

-V, --version

Show version information.

--config-file arg

Use alternative configuration file. When this option is used the loading of all stages is disabled. Only the given configuration file is parsed and used. To use another name for the configuration create a symbolic link of the application or copy it. Example: scautopick -> scautopick2.

--plugins arg

Load given plugins.

-D, --daemon

Run as daemon. This means the application will fork itself and doesn’t need to be started with &.


--verbosity arg

Verbosity level [0..4]. 0:quiet, 1:error, 2:warning, 3:info, 4:debug.

-v, --v

Increase verbosity level (may be repeated, eg. -vv).

-q, --quiet

Quiet mode: no logging output.

--component arg

Limit the logging to a certain component. This option can be given more than once.

-s, --syslog

Use syslog logging backend. The output usually goes to /var/lib/messages.

-l, --lockfile arg

Path to lock file.

--console arg

Send log output to stdout.


Execute in debug mode. Equivalent to --verbosity=4 --console=1 .

--log-file arg

Use alternative log file.

--print-component arg

For each log entry print the component right after the log level. By default the component output is enabled for file output but disabled for console output.


Execute in trace mode. Equivalent to --verbosity=4 --console=1 --print-component=1 --print-context=1 .


-f, --formatted

Enable formatted XML output.