Travel-times for a homogeneous velocity model


The travel-time interface homogeneous allows predicting travel times for P and S wave and homogeneous velocity models.


The travel-time interface homogeneous is controlled by global parameters, e.g., in $SEISCOMP_ROOT/etc/global.cfg:

  1. Add a new table profile for homogeneous travel-time tables with some custom profile name. In scconfig navigate to the section ttt.homogeneous and click on the green button to add a table profile.

  2. Set all parameters in the new profile.

  3. Register the new profile by adding its name to the list of tables in ttt.homogeneous.tables

Example configuration:

# The list of supported model names per interface.
ttt.homogeneous.tables = "5"

# Geographic origin of the region. Expects 2 values: latitude, longitude.
ttt.homogeneous.5.origin = 51, 12

# Radius validity of the region.
ttt.homogeneous.5.radius = 1

# Min Depth validity of the region.
ttt.homogeneous.5.minDepth = 0

# Max Depth validity of the region.
ttt.homogeneous.5.maxDepth = 2

# P wave velocity.
ttt.homogeneous.5.P-velocity = 5

# S wave velocity.
ttt.homogeneous.5.S-velocity = 3


Once the travel-time interface profile is defined and registered, in can be selected