CTBTO/IDC local magnitude.



The SNSNR amplitudes are calculated on the vertical component seismograms.

Station Magnitude

mag = \log10(A) + B(\Delta)


A: amplitude of type SBSNR

B: attenuation correction function of epicentral distance in km

The default corrections are read from a file installed at @DATADIR@/magnitudes/IDC/ If that file is not present no magnitude will be calculated.

Station corrections

Station magnitudes can be computed with a station specific correction table which is configured in the global bindings. The parameter magnitudes.ML(IDC).A takes a path and allows to use placeholders for network code ({net}), station code ({sta}) and location code ({loc}).


magnitudes.ML(IDC).A = @DATADIR@/magnitudes/IDC/{net}.{sta}.ml
  • Amplitude unit in SeisComP: nanometer (nm)

  • Time window: 4.5 s

  • Default distance range: 0 - 20 deg

  • Depth range: 0 - 40 km