Surface wave magnitude measured at around 20 s


Ms_20 is the surface wave magnitude measured on the vertical component at around 20 s period in accordance with the IASPEI standards.


The Ms_20 amplitudes are calculated on vertical-component displacement seismograms corrected for the instrument response of a WWSSN_LP seismograph.

Station Magnitude

Ms_20 is the surface-wave magnitude at 20 s period based on the recommendations by the IASPEI magnitude working group issued on 27 March, 2013 (IASPEI [47]).

M_s = \log \left(\frac{A}{T}\right) + 1.66 \log(\Delta) + 0.3


A: WWSSN_LP corrected ground displacement in units of nm measured on the vertical-component seismogram as the maximum absolute trace amplitude of a surface wave at periods between 18 s and 22 s,

T: period of the surface wave in seconds.

The term Ms_20 is chosen in accordance with the IASPEI standard as of 2013 (IASPEI [47]). Alternatively, the term Ms(20) may be used.

Network magnitude

By default, the trimmed mean is calculated from the station magnitudes to form the network magnitude. Outliers below the 12.5% and above the 12.5% percentiles are removed before the calculation.


Adjust the configurable parameters in global bindings in the Ms_20 section. Add Ms_20 to the list of computed amplitudes and magnitudes in the configuration of scamp and scmag and in scesv or scolv for visibility.