Create image files containing maps of specific regions.


scmapcut is a commandline tool to create image files containing maps of specific regions and for selected events. When plotting events given by their eventID, the event parameters must be provided in a SeisComP event XML file. The XML file can be retrieved from the database using scxmldump.


  1. Draw a map for the event with event ID <eventID>. Plot a region of at least 3 degrees around the epicentre. The created image has 800x400 px.

    scmapcut -E <eventID> --ep <eventID>.xml -m 3 -d 800x400 -o <eventID>.png

    Image example.

  2. Draw a map for a generic event with magnitude 4. The size of the event shown on the map scales with magnitude. Plot a region of at least 3 degrees around the epicentre. The created image has 800x400 px.

    scmapcut --lat 44 --lon 12 --depth 10 --mag 4 -m 0.5 -d 800x400 -o generic.png

    Generic example.

Module Configuration


scmapcut inherits global options.

Command-Line Options

scmapcut [options]


-h, --help

Show help message.

-V, --version

Show version information.

--config-file arg

Use alternative configuration file. When this option is used the loading of all stages is disabled. Only the given configuration file is parsed and used. To use another name for the configuration create a symbolic link of the application or copy it. Example: scautopick -> scautopick2.

--plugins arg

Load given plugins.

-D, --daemon

Run as daemon. This means the application will fork itself and doesn’t need to be started with &.

--auto-shutdown arg

Enable/disable self-shutdown because a master module shutdown. This only works when messaging is enabled and the master module sends a shutdown message (enabled with --start-stop-msg for the master module).

--shutdown-master-module arg

Set the name of the master-module used for auto-shutdown. This is the application name of the module actually started. If symlinks are used, then it is the name of the symlinked application.

--shutdown-master-username arg

Set the name of the master-username of the messaging used for auto-shutdown. If "shutdown-master-module" is given as well, this parameter is ignored.


--verbosity arg

Verbosity level [0..4]. 0:quiet, 1:error, 2:warning, 3:info, 4:debug.

-v, --v

Increase verbosity level (may be repeated, eg. -vv).

-q, --quiet

Quiet mode: no logging output.

--component arg

Limit the logging to a certain component. This option can be given more than once.

-s, --syslog

Use syslog logging backend. The output usually goes to /var/lib/messages.

-l, --lockfile arg

Path to lock file.

--console arg

Send log output to stdout.


Execute in debug mode. Equivalent to --verbosity=4 --console=1 .

--log-file arg

Use alternative log file.


--city-xml arg

Path to the cities.xml file. If undefined, the data is read from CONFIGDIR@/cities.xml or @DATADIR@/cities.xml.


-r, --region arg

Cut region ([lat_dim]x[lon_dim]+lat0+lon0 or +lat0+lon+lat1+lon1).

-m, --margin arg

Margin in degrees around origin (margin|margin_latxmargin_lon).

-d, --dimension arg

Output image dimension (wxh).

-o, --output arg

Output image, file name.

--lat arg

Latitude of symbol.

--long arg

Longitude of symbol.

--depth arg

Depth of event.

--mag arg

Magnitude of event.

--layers arg

Draw polygonal layers.

--ep arg

Name of XML file containing the event parameters to load.

-E, --event-id arg

Event ID of the event to plot on map.


Print html/area section.


Do not render arrivals (stations).