SeedLink monitor creating web pages


slmon collects waveform QC parameters from a configured seedlink Server and creates static HTML websites for their visualization. Station summeries and per-station channels views are available.


  1. Adjust the module configuration parameters of slmon to set the seedlink Server, the output directory for the created webpages and other parameters.

  2. Create and adjust binding profiles and station bindings for slmon to activate the monitoring of the desired networks and stations.

  3. Update the configuration of slmon

  4. Start slmon. This step reads the QC parameters and creates the static webpage. The webpage is not automatically updated.

    seiscomp update-config
    seiscomp start slmon
  5. Restart slmon in order to upate the webpage. The restart can be performed by a the regular system check scheduled by a crontab entry.

    The example below shows a crontab entry to update the webpage generated by slmon every 3 minutes:

    */3 * * * * /home/sysop/seiscomp/bin/seiscomp check slmon >/dev/null 2>&1


    The crontab entry can be generated and added automatically using the seiscomp script:

    seiscomp print crontab | crontab -

A comprehensive example for monitoring many stations of a large number of networks is provided by GEOFON at GFZ Potsdam, Germany. A simple example of a website create by slmon is given in the figures below.


Example of a website with the station summary created by slmon.


Example of a website with a per-station channel view created by slmon.

Module Configuration


slmon is a standalone module and does not inherit global options.


Default: "SeedLink Monitor"

Type: string

Title of the web page used as heading.


Default: 180

Type: double

Unit: s

Refresh interval of the generated web page used by the browser. The interval should be similar to the interval for starting slmon. If empty, the web page must be manually refreshed from within the browser.



Type: string

Host of the Seedlink server to connect to. If the acquisition is running on one system nothing needs to be changed.


Default: 18000

Type: int

The port of the Seedlink server to connect to. If the acquisition is running on one system this port must match the configured local Seedlink port.


Type: string

e-mail address added to web pages.


Default: @ROOTDIR@/var/run/@NAME@

Type: string

Output directory of the web pages.



Type: string

Favicon URL of the web pages. Not mandatory.


Default: GEOFON

Type: string

Name of Link shown in footer of web pages.



Type: string

URL referred to by linkname in footer of web pages.



Type: string

URL to live seismograms. %s will be replaced by station name. Not mandatory.

Bindings Parameters


Default: local

Type: string

Defines the group of the station that is monitored.