Change Log

All notable changes to SeisComP are documented here.


  • documentation

    • update installation and database procedures

  • eventlist in GUIs

    • add RMS column by default

  • scolv

    • Relabel strike/dip/rake columns in focal mechanism table and resize content after loading


  • scalert

    • Add option to listen to picks

    • Fix configuration of agency filter

  • scevent

    • Sort configuration of event association parameters by topic

  • solv

    • expose picker phase profiles to scconfig

    • adjust description of uncertainty profiles

  • fdsnxml2inv

    • Fix conversion of polynomial responses with respect to approximationType.

  • scolv

    • Reorder FM tab columns and allow switching visibility state


  • processing

    • Fix crashing of processing modules such as scautopick if filter parameters are out of range


  • scmaster

    • Fix reading the default configuration file in update-config

  • ew2sc

    • Correct module name in description. E.g. scconfig has still displayed it as ew2sc3.

  • GUI

    • Add nodal planes and some more quality parameters to event edit focal mechanism table

    • Fix setting the depth type in the origin locator panel



  • scmaster

    • Add IMPORT_GROUP to default group set

  • screloc

    • Add option to allow processing of origins with mode MANUAL in daemon mode

    • When using –ep playbacks with origins defined by -O, then the processing is limited to the defined origins.

  • scevent

    • Update event agencyID and author on event update if it has changed. This is important if scevent has been reconfigured with a different agencyID or author.

  • trunk

    • The application class resets its locale to the initial state at exit. Not doing so could have caused encoding errors with init scripts

    • Add fixed hypocenter locator

    • Add external locator plugin (locext)

    • Fix combined recordstream for slinkMax|rtMax|1stMax units s and h

    • Fix LOCSAT travel time computation for phases which do not provide a table file or with zero depth layers. Sometimes LOCSAT produced fake travel times for non existing phases after switching tables.

  • scevtstreams

    • Add --fdsnws command line option to export list of channels in FDSNWS dataselect POST format

  • gui

    • Add option to define symbol images for layer points defined in either BNA or FEP

  • seedlink

    • Fix parsing of global backfill_buffer variable. Up to this fix the variable was always considered out of bounds and apart from using backfill buffer settings in the bindings the global value had no effect.

  • scolv

    • Fixed several segmentation faults in combination with offline mode

    • Add origin location method column to event origin table

    • Add shortcuts (ctrl+pgdown, ctrl+pgup) to select the previous and next event of the event list from within the locator view


  • trunk

    • Fix ML/MLv default magnitude calibration

  • gui

    • Quit application if an error occurred during initialization and if the setup dialog is cancelled or closed by hitting the X icon

    • Also accept TP for parameter eventlist.visibleColumns but print a warning

  • scmm

    • Fix client disconnect handling

  • scimport

    • Log error message if parameter msggroups is not defined


  • slmod

    • Fix Python2 support

  • scolv

    • Add origin depth type to event list and origins list

  • base

    • Fix bug with decimation record stream which caused that just a subset of input data was forwarded to the client

    • Populate SNR values of Ms(BB) and ML amplitudes

  • gui

    • Replace splash screen with latest logo and render text flat

    • Rename item TP to MType of parameter eventlist.visibleColumns


  • autoloc

    • Correct station.conf

  • trunk

    • Add ML/MLv magnitude calibration at 100km

  • dlsv2inv

    • Fix crash for debug builds if a token is empty, e.g. empty end time



    • Allow to override the tables directory with the environment variable SEISCOMP_LOCSAT_TABLE_DIR

  • scconfig

    • Add application icon

  • scolv

    • Fix bug when a magnitude is recalculated with a subset of station magnitudes

  • fdsnws

    • Parse query filter parameters strictly. Thanks to Daniel Armbruster for providing the patch.



This is the initial release of SeisComP under a new license and with a new versioning scheme. Instead of using a release name and a time based version tag semantic versioning is now being used with a sequence of three digits: Major.Minor.Patch. The following rules apply for assigning a new digit:

  • Major: Libraries introduce binary incompatible changes or there are very significant application changes which justify a major version bump.

  • Minor: Libraries add new functionality and methods but binary compatibility within the same major release is still maintained with application built against a lower minor version. Significant application changes can also justify a minor version bump.

  • Patch: No changes in functionality but error corrections of existing codes.

Breaking changes:

  • Spread has been replaced as messaging system with our own implementation of a messaging broker. That means that connections between SeisComP3 and SeisComP >= 4.0.0 are not possible until a driver has been developed which implements Spread in SeisComP or scmp in SeisComP3.

  • Qt5 and Python3 are now supported preferred.

  • The SeisComP Python packages have been renamed to seiscomp but a compatibility layer for seiscomp3 has been added.

  • Arclink is no longer supported and has been removed completely.

  • arclinkproxy has been removed as well and is superseded by scwfas.

  • The installation directory is now seiscomp and not seiscomp3.

  • The user configuration directory is now .seiscomp and not .seiscomp3.

  • C++ compilation requires a compiler that supports at least the C++11 standard.