Modification of Autopick and Autoloc for tele AND local event detection

here are some thoughts I have on how to solve this problem


The picker should get at least two filters, with the default being the actual DETECT_FILTER

DETECT_FILTER = "ITAPER(100)....RM_HP(4,0.7,2) ..."

And, an addition, we input a new LOCAL_DETECT_FILTER :

LOCAL_DETECT_FILTER = "ITAPER(100)....RM_HP(4,4,40) ..."

The picker should then be able to pick using either the DETECT_FILTER or the LOCAL_DETECT_FILTER, and the Pick object should get a new "FilterUsed" field.


Autoloc would recieve Picks as i does now, but with the extra "FilterUsed" field. On a per-station basis, autoloc would accept or reject a station for a specific grid point. The station.conf could look like :

BE DOU 1 15 90

Where :

Net+Station : BE DOU
To Use : 1 (yes)
Max distance for LOCAL_DETECT_FILTER = Min distance for DETECT_FILTER : 15
Max distance for DETECT_FILTER : 90

This could work, and not require too much of programming, would it ?



[jabe] The pick object has two additional attributes that are not currently used: filterID and methodID. Either the one or the other could be used. Would you put just "Local" or "Teleseismic" in the attribute or the entire filter string?

[lecocq] I would rather go to a "Local" & "Teleseismic", or some other naming that would allow autoloc to be able to differentiate them. We have to think about a standard naming scheme : e.g. : Filter_1 and Filter_2, taking column n+1 and n+2 in the station.conf ; But, the question is : "Does anyone need more than 2 filter?"

[jabe] I think in the next version the station.conf will become obsolete. I added the possibility to read the values of the keyfiles alternatively from the local configuration (e.g. scautopick.cfg). Then you can write

key.trunk.GE.BANI.detecFilter = "..."

or = "..."

Basically you can then override any value stored in the database taken from trunk/key. Then it depends on the implementation of scautopick what value to take into account and we are not limited to two filters. Column based configuration entries are not very much extensible.

If we the add

key.trunk.GE.BANI.detecLocalFilter = "..."

and scautopick will use this parameter everything is fine I think. Alternatively you can give this parameter in trunk/key with


that goes then directly into the database after "seiscomp config"->Write.