The slinktool utility can be used to check the status of a SeedLink server as well as request data.

slinktool is maintained by Chad Trabant (IRIS).

Commandline options

Report program version.
Show usage message.
Run more verbose, multiple flags can be used.
Ping the server, report the server ID and exit.
Print details of the data packets, multiple flags can be used.
Print unpacked samples of the data packets.
-nd <int>
Network re-connect delay in seconds. Default is 30.
-nt <int>
Network timeout in seconds. Re-establish connection if no data or keepalives are received in this time. Default is 600.
-k <int>
Send keepalive (heartbeat) packets this often (seconds).
-x sfile[:int]
Save/restore stream state information to this file.
Configure the connection in dial-up mode.
-s selectors
Selectors for uni-station or default for multi-station mode.
-l <string>
Read a stream list from this file for multi-station mode.
-S <string>
Define a stream list for multi-station mode 'streams' = 'stream1[:selectors1],stream2[:selectors2],...'. 'stream' is in NET_STA format, for example:
-tw begin:[end] (requires SeedLink >= 3)
Specify a time window in year,month,day,hour,min,sec format. Example:
-tw 2002,08,05,14,00,00:2002,08,05,14,15,00
The end time is optional, but the colon must be present.
-o <string>
Write all received records to this file.
-A <format>
Save all received records is a custom file structure.
-SDS <SDSdir>
Save all received records in a SDS file structure.
Save all received data records in a BUD file structure.
-i type
Send info request, type is one of the following:
  • ID
  • GAPS
  • ALL
The returned raw XML is displayed when using this option.
Print formatted server ID and version.
Print formatted station list (if supported by server).
Print formatted stream list (if supported by server).
Print formatted gap list (if supported by server).
Print formatted connection list (if supported by server).


Show general info about the server, including software version:

slinktool -I localhost:18000

Show the list of stations available from the server:

slinktool -L localhost:18000

Show the timespan of data streams in SeedLink’s ring buffer:

slinktool -Q localhost:18000

Show data gaps (missing data) in SeedLink’s ring buffer:

slinktool -G localhost:18000

Show the status of connections:

slinktool -C localhost:18000

Send a generic query and return the XML document. DTD of the document can be found in SeisComP package:

slinktool -i all localhost:18000

Request stream BHZ.D of station APE (network GE) and saves the result to file data.mseed (real-time):

slinktool -S ’GE APE:BHZ.D’ -o data.mseed localhost:18000

Request time window and saves the result in data.mseed:

slinktool -tw 2002,10,11,06,00,00:2002,10,11,06,10,00 -S ’GE CART:BHZ.D’ -o data.mseed localhost:18000