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LOCSAT locator for SeisComP.


The LocSAT locator interface implements a wrapper for the LocSAT locator written by Walter Nagy (according to the README file shipped with the LocSAT distribution).

Travel time tables

SeisComP ships with two predefined travel time tables: tab and iasp91. LocSAT travel time tables are located under share/locsat/tables/.

The default profile is iasp91.

Station corrections

LocSAT does not support station corrections natively. At least checking the code:

sta_cor[i]  = 0.0;    /* FIX !!!!!!*/

However the SeisComP wrapper adds this feature. It allows to define a .stacor file which defines corrections of observation times in seconds. A correction is substracted (not added) from the observation time to be compatible with the NonLinLoc station correction definitions (

Each LocSAT profile (travel time table) can have an associated station correction file. To use station corrections for the iasp91 tables, the file share/locsat/tables/iasp91.stacor needs to be created.

A station correction table looks like this:

# LOCDELAY code phase numReadings delay

The forth column (numReadings) is ignored and just provided for compatibility reasons with NonLinLoc.


  • code (string) station code (after all alias evaluations)
  • phase (string) phase type (any of the available travel time tables)
  • numReadings (integer) number of residuals used to calculate mean residual/delay (not used by NLLoc, included for compatibility with the format of a summary, phase statistics file)
  • delay (float) delay in seconds, subtracted from observed time



Type: list:string

Defines a list of available LOCSAT tab directories. Default is iasp91,tab.