Downloading SeisComP 3

Note on licenses

The use of SeisComP is subject to the acceptance of licenses. See the section on SeisComP licenses for more details. For running the programs covered by the SeisComP Public License, license keys (3 files) must be obtained from GFZ Potsdam and installed on the system prior to running the programs. Please print out the license text available under this link, have it signed by a representative of your institution and send the signed license text as PDF attachment (scan) to Please note that GFZ Potsdam reserves itself the right to deny licenses to applicants whose affiliation is in doubt.

Upon receipt of the signed license, you will be provided with key files to run the programs covered by the SeisComP Public License.

SeisComP packages

The SeisComP packages can be downloaded from the download page.

Any download is subject to acceptance of the SeisComP Public License.

ArcLink Fetch (standalone)

Arclink Fetch (which is distributed along with SeisComP) can be downloaded and installed as a standalone application on your computer. To download it please choose the files that matches your operating system:

Version: 2015.300
Ubuntu/Debian, OpenSuse/Mandriva, Fedora/CentOS and Source (Tar.gz file)

Installation help can be found at the arclink_fetch documentation page.