Monitors a disk and sends notifications.


Diskmon is a SeisComP init script that checks on each call to seiscomp check the filesystem by running the following command:

df | awk -v max="%d" \'{ if ( $5 > max ) print $0 }\'

where “%d” is replaced by the configured threshold. If there are lines in the output (which means some filesystem exceed the usage threshold) it sends the output along with a description line to all configured receipients using the mail command.

To make diskmon work it is important that mail is working on the shell.

Module Configuration


diskmon is a standalone module and does not inherit global options.


Default: 95

Type: int

Disk usage threshold in percent. Each time when the disk usage exceeds this level, an alert e-mail is send to the user. Note that disk usage is only checked when a cron job of seiscomp check is installed or seiscomp check is called regularly by other means.


Type: list:string

Comma-separated list of e-mail addresses to notify when disk usage threshold is exceeded.