SeisComP kernel.


The kernel is the basic configuration for the seiscomp tool. It contains configuration parameters for all init scripts in etc/init. Each init script can, but does not need to, read the kernel parameters and configure itself accordingly. Kernel parameters are not mandatory but should be taken as (serious) hints. If for example syslog is enabled in the kernel then all init scripts should configure syslog as logging backend for the programs they start. But if a program does not support syslog it can also be started without logging to syslog.

Module Configuration


kernel is a standalone module and does not inherit global options.


Default: false

Type: boolean

Sends all logging output to the syslog backend which logs usually to /var/log/messages.

messaging extension

SeisComP messaging component that enables communication of modules over the network.


Default: true

Type: boolean

Enables/disables local messaging (scmaster). The messaging component is an integral component of all modules (except e.g. acquisition modules). If you are not sure what to do, enable it.


Type: string

Defines the messaging unencrypted bind address. If left empty then the configuration file (see scmaster) will be used instead. Use this to override the unencrypted bind address. The format is "[ip:]port".