Locator in SeisComP for computing source time and hypocenter coordinates from phase picks.


LOCSAT is a locator in SeisComP for computing source time and hypocenter coordinates from phase picks considering:

  • Pick time,

  • Backazimuth,

  • Slowness.

The LOCSAT locator interface implements a wrapper for the LocSAT locator by :cite:t:`bratt-1991` (according to the README file shipped with the LocSAT distribution) referred to as LOCSAT in SeisComP.

Travel-time tables

SeisComP ships with two predefined travel time tables: tab and iasp91. LOCSAT travel time tables are located under share/locsat/tables/.

The default profile is iasp91.

Travel-time interface

LOCSAT provides an interface for computing travel times based on coordinates and depth.

Use “LOCSAT” as a value for the travel-time interface when configurable, e.g. by FixedHypocenter.

Configuration in SeisComP modules

Use “LOCSAT” as a value for the locator type or interface when configurable, e.g. by screloc or scolv.

Station corrections

LOCSAT does not support station corrections natively. At least checking the code:

sta_cor[i]  = 0.0;    /* FIX !!!!!!*/

However the SeisComP wrapper adds this feature. It allows to define a .stacor file which defines corrections of observation times in seconds. A correction is subtracted (not added) from the observation time to be compatible with the NonLinLoc :cite:p:`nonlinloc` station correction definitions.

Each LOCSAT profile (travel time table) can have an associated station correction file. To use station corrections for the iasp91 tables, the file $SEISCOMP_ROOT/share/locsat/tables/iasp91.stacor needs to be created.

A station correction table takes the form:

# LOCDELAY code phase numReadings delay


  • code (string) station code (after all alias evaluations)

  • phase (string) phase type (any of the available travel time tables)

  • numReadings (integer) number of residuals used to calculate mean residual/delay (not used by NLLoc, included for compatibility with the format of a summary, phase statistics file)

  • delay (float) delay in seconds, subtracted from observed time


The fourth column (numReadings) is ignored and just provided for compatibility reasons with NonLinLoc.



LOCSAT.* Locator parameters: LOCSAT


Type: list:string

Defines a list of available LOCSAT travel-time tables. Default is iasp91, tab.


Type: double

Unit: km

The initial depth estimate for LOCSAT. Default is 20.0.


Type: boolean

Whether to use pick time untertainties for arrival deltim rather than a fixed time error. If true then the uncertainties are retrieved from each individual pick object. If they are not defined then the default pick time uncertainty will be used as fallback. Default is false.


Type: double

Unit: s

The default pick time uncertainty assigned to LOCSAT’s arrival deltim attribute if pick uncertainties are not going to be used or if they are absent. A time uncertainty of 0 s may result in errors of the SVD decomposition in LOCSAT. Default is 1.0.


Type: int

Number of degrees of freedom. Default is 9999.


Type: double

Confidence level between 0.5 and 1.0. Default is 0.9.


Type: boolean

Compute the confidence ellipsoid from covariance matrix in 3D. Default is false.