Enable local FDSNWS server

You will …

  • Enable FDSN web service by fdsnws to serve waveforms and inventory for a configured station

Pre-requisites for this tutorial:


  • The station meta data and waveforms are available from a local web server

Time range estimate:

  • 10 minutes

By default, fdsnws will serve the three FDSN web services

  • fdsnws-dataselect

  • fdsnws-event

  • fdsnws-station

on a server running locally on port 8080.

The additional availability feature allows users to obtain information on continuous data segments in the waveform archive. This information is written to the database by scardac. To active the availability feature set serveAvailability and dataAvailability.enable to true. The availability information can be retrieved using scxmldump or fdsnws.


  1. Configure fdsnws:

    • set the RecordStream to point to archived data.

    • configured and enable the desired services.

  2. Enable and start fdsnws locally:

    • in scconfig, go to the System tab. Click on the line for the “fdsnws” module, and press “Enable module(s)”. Then restart SeisComP.

    • or from the command line

      $ seiscomp enable fdsnws
      $ seiscomp start fdsnws
  3. Test by visiting the locally started fdsnws.

Logging information goes to ~/.seiscomp/log/fdsnws.log by default. Information about requests handled goes to the file named in accessLog, if you set this.

To see the available configuration options, go to the Modules tab in scconfig. Under Utilities open “fdsnws” to reveal the options. To disable fdsnws-event, for instance, unlock the “serveEvent” area and uncheck this parameter.

You can limit the choice of stations shared to be less than what is in your SeisComP inventory using the allowRestricted, dataSelectFilter and stationFilter options.

Visiting the Service

Once fdsnws is running, you can visit the local web server that it runs. In your browser, visit http://localhost:8080/fdsnws/dataselect/1/


Information screen shown by fdsnws-dataselect at http://localhost:8080/fdsnws/dataselect/1/

Check it Works


Example of StationXML returned by the fdsnws-station service at

Further Information

  • The URL Builder at GEOFON lets you fill out a form to tailor your request. The URL to use to make your request is displayed at the bottom of that page.

  • More example requests are at the FDSNWS description at GEOFON

  • The FDSN Web Services specification document [5] provides the technical documentation and examples.

Final Tests