Create a new tutorial

You will …

  • Add something

  • Configure something else

Pre-requisites for this tutorial:

  • Have the source code of SeisComP available


  • A new tutorial

Time range estimate:

  • 30 minutes


To use this template, you’ll need to:

  1. Get the source code of the SeisComP documentation, e.g. from SeisComP on GitHub [1]

  2. Copy this tutorial file (doc/base/tutorials/template.rst) to the tutorials directory with a new name, doc/base/tutorials/nn_something.rst.

  3. Change the reference at the top (first line); it must be .. _tutorials_{something}.

  4. Change the title: start with a verb, describe what the student is trying to do.

  5. Set the tutorial task and a final confirmation action for the student to verify check that it worked correctly.

  6. Add the file name without the ending .rst to the table of contents in doc/base/tutorials.rst assigning a position for your new tutorial within the sequence of existing tutorials.

  7. Build the HTML documentation for viewing and testing.

  8. Optionally, provide your new tutorial to the public repository:

    • Create a new git branch

    • Push the new branch to GitHub

    • Create a merge request to get your branch merged into the master branch

Final Tests

  • If you’ve applied this template,

    ls doc/base/tutorials

    will show your new tutorial.

  • Rebuild the documentation

    $ cd doc
    $ python3
  • View the new files in build-doc/base/html/tutorials using a web browser, e.g. firefox:

    $ firefox build-doc/html/basetutorials.html